Couples Counseling can help improve your relationship
in a number of ways

Do you and your partner repeat the same fight over and over? Are you looking for a new solution to an old problem? Do you and your partner have a difficult time talking honestly and/or respectfully with one another? These are all things couples therapy can help with.

Relationships are an essential part of our lives. From the minute we enter this world we are dependent on another for care. Our early relationships with our caregivers form the foundation of our adult relationships.

Most of us have learned that healthy relationships take work. Whether you are seeking solutions to a concrete problem, looking to understand and deepen your relationship or simply seeking an emotional tune up, couples therapy can help.

Couples therapy helps people:

  • Break free from damaging repetitive interactions
  • Make decisions
  • Improve communication
  • Manage life’s challenges
  • Create and maintain deeper connections
  • Reignite sexual energy
  • Recover from infidelities

Sometimes “couples” include more than two people and this is fine too.
All relationship constellations are welcome.